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The Bleeding Edge Hero of the Week: Helen Haskell

By September 25, 2018Uncategorized


Helen Haskell is a cornerstone of the patient safety movement. Following the death of her son due to a medical error, Haskell became a leading voice in the campaign to prioritize patients in the medical system with the founding of her nonprofit, Mothers Against Medical Error. Haskell’s advocacy aims to improve and promote medical education, rapid-response access for patients, medical error disclosure and patient empowerment.

Her tireless advocacy has resulted in monumental accomplishments for the patient safety movement, with the passage of multiple pieces of legislation, including the Lewis Blackman Patient Safety Act. This law, named after her son, required healthcare provider identification and patient access to emergency response in hospitals – a significant victory for the patient safety movement due to its call for transparency in healthcare.

In addition to Haskell’s work with Mothers Against Medical Error, she trains patients to navigate the medical system and teaches them how to get the most out of the care they are receiving. Haskell sits on the board of various healthcare and patient safety organizations in which she uses her voice to endorse initiatives that promote patients over profits, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the National Patient Safety Foundation, and the International Society of Rapid Response Systems. Haskell is a World Health Organization Patient Safety Champion, and was named one of Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare.”

“The Bleeding Edge” filmmakers celebrate Haskell’s dedication to patient empowerment and the incredible accomplishments she has achieved in the patient advocacy field.